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VirtualDub: How to use mkv, mp4, flv, mov and other file formats with VirtualDub

A lot of people keep asking me how to use VirtualDub with other files formats besides .avi. Like mkv, flv, mp4 or even .mov.

VirtualDub, as stand-alone, cannot handle mkv, mp4, flv, mov or any other files besides avi. You need a plugin or plugins to load anything else besides avi. Mind you, VirtualDub still only can and will save in avi!

There are a couple plugins that can handle loading different files formats. For me personally only 2 come to mind:

There's my personal favorite: Ffmpeg Input Driver which can handle 31 different file formats according to the plugin developer. Among them are the popular mkv, mp4, flv, mov, rm, rvmb, wmv and ts. The plugin is based, as the name may suggest, of the ffmpeg libraries. And if something doesn't work, remember, this is a plugin still in early development stage as of 03.07.2011.

Then there's fccHandler, which can handle mpeg-2, flv, wmv, fli, flc, mkv. However fccHandler also offers the AC-3 ACM codec, which I use for sound in my videos. Edit: Apparently fccHandler's website is down for some reasons. But there are two mirror with his stuff: Mirror 1, Mirror 2 . Thank's for the eMails pointing that out!

Download whichever plugin you prefer, and unpack it into your VirtualDub plugin folder. Remember however that those plugins only allow you to load said file formats. You cannot save those loaded files in mp4, mov, flv, only in avi.

For redundancy purposes I've decided to host both the AC-3 ACM and AAC ACM codecs and their source code on my blog.

Download AC-3 ACM 2.2 & AAC ACM 1.9:

Dropbox (AC-3 ACM): Codec, Source-Code
Dropbox (AAC ACM): Codec, Source-Code

Mediafire (AC-3 ACM): Codec, Source-Code
Mediafire (AAC ACM): Codec, Source-Code

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Posted by Don Salva

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  1. Hi,
    I am using Virtual Dub 1.9.11 on a 64 bit system and I moved the plugins you’ve mentioned to the plugins64 folder.
    I have a bunch of mp4 files to work with in VDub. I used Any Video Converter with almost every possible output (mpeg2, mpeg4, msmpeg4, xvid, ffv1, x264) but VDub always fails to open them, “Couldn’t locate decompressor for format xyz (unknown). Virtual Dub requires a Video For Windows…”. The videos run fine in VLC / PotPlayer.
    What am I doing wrong? I don’t want to install any codecs into Windows.


  2. I had to remove the Quicktime filter before it loaded my video. i did not need to rename FFInputDriver to a VDF file.

    • forgot to say (i cannot edit my last message), the reason why it says “initializeqtml” is because it is trying to load the video using the Quicktime filter.

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