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VirtualDub: How to split and merge video files

Folks have been asking me here, here and on my YouTube channel how to split a single movie file into multiple ones, and how to merge multiple ones into a single movie.

I made 2 How-to clips way back then, but somehow forgot to include them in my previous tutorials, so here they are:

How To: Split a single video file into multiple video files with VirtualDub
YouTube Preview Image

How To: Add multiple video files into one single one with VirtualDub
YouTube Preview Image

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Posted by Don Salva

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  1. Hi there. Thanks so much for the video. Helped me cut down my time by a lot! This is kind of an unrelated question but what screen recorder do you use? The quality is so great I’d love to get my hands on it! (as long as its not 300$ lol)

    • Fraps.

      It’s got an option “Monitor Aero Desktop (DWM)”. It only works with OS that have AERO Desktop, i.e. Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

      There are couple other alternatives out there that’ll record on any OS, but I haven’t bothered with them since I didn’t need them. Namenly Bandicam and Camstudio.

  2. Works like a charm!

    Btw, is it possible to add fade effect like this (see circa 0:22+): between the video clips in VDub while merging?
    Or maybe Fast Forward “effect” you see on some videos.
    Because without fade it looks silly (circa 0:45+):

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