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How to unassociate File Types in Windows 7!

It drove me nearly crazy yesterday, when I falsely associated a few files with the wrong application and could unsassociate them.

No mater how much I turned my registry upside down, how much I deleted, something was missing. I just couldn't find it. "F'k it!" I thought, and turned to google.

Lo and behold, I stumbled upon Unassoc. Simple, small, no installation! Oorah!


Simply search for the desired file type and click "remove file association (user)", after that Windows 7 will use the global file association. If you still have the wrong application as your standard application then do "delete file type".

Author's website
MediaFire Mirror (Version 1.4)
Dropbox Mirror (Version 1.4)

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Posted by Don Salva

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  1. Nope. Tried the unassociation program. The first time the “remove” button was disabled. I then associated another program with the file using Windows Explorer. The next time I tried the unassociation program the button was enabled, but the default program still did not change.

  2. Thanks…

    from Malaysia

  3. Please help… i’m trying to remove file association on .svg files but it didn’t work for me! I tryed to delet the file type too up i didn’t work either… each time it make .svg associated with IE (what the hell)!
    Any ideas ? my point is that i have renesis thumbnail plugin to see svg thumbnails in the explorer but i can’t becouse the windows but the associated program icon.

  4. Whenever my husband opens up an attachment in his yahoo mail account, it opens up in windows media player. This does not happen on my side of the computer. We have windows 7. Please help.

  5. Thanks a lot, mate! :D

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