Streaming made easy with OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)!

A little while back I began streaming my gameplay sessions because I didn’t always want to record, encode, upload. I’m a lazy bum, I admit. While searching the internet, I found a couple applications that allow streaming to sites like, Youtube,, etc.

However most of them are not worth mentioning but a single one: Open Broadcaster Software . In my opinion nothing beats OBS. It’s free and it’s open-source. What more do you want?

But not only can this tool broadcast your gameplay sessions to or Youtube, nay, you can use OBS for recording only mode, like Fraps or Dxtory, but for free. Did I mention this software is free and open-source? Well, it is. And here’s a quick guide how to set it up for streaming with More after the break… (more…)

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Enhance your CCleaner with CCEnhancer beyond your wildest imagination!

ccleanericonPretty sure CCleaner is an all-time favorite tool for many of you folks. What perhaps most of you might not know however is that there’s an itty bitty tool that enhances CCleaner even more!

It’s called CCEnhancer. This tool downloads an up-to-date kept list called “winapp2.ini”. In this list there are other applications defined that can be selected in CCleaner’s “Application” tab.

Such as Star Craft 2 logs, Star Trek Online Cache, K-Lite Codec and so many more. It’s too many to list here. As of this moment the ini-file is over 19.000 lines long. So, there’s a lot of software defined.

You can download it here.

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Must have mods and texturepacks for Skyrim!

About 5 years ago I posted a similar post like this about Fallout 3, after all this time it still seems to be frequently accessed through various links. Well, it’s time for another.

However this time I can save you a lengthy post by simply referring you to a neat, awesome site which list pretty much all the “must”-have mods and texture-packs for Skyrim!

That site is called Skyrim GEMS! It contains every mod and texturepack I use. But just for you I’ll do a quick bullet list what I absolutely MUST use with each Skyrim play through!

  • SkyUI
  • Unofficial Patches
  • Automatic Variants

And from there I expand it with whatever I like. Mostly it’s extra weapons, extra armors, extra enemies and new lands like Falklaar, Moonpath to Elswyer, Realism mods, Magic system expansion, etc.

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Skip unskippable game intros!

Yes, I’m alive. Still. Probably. Maybe?

Anyway, have you come across games where the game’s intro video or cinematic was a pain the arse and unskippable?  Well, fear not my dear, lost traveler in the world-wide-web, for I, the basement dwelling Don, have the solution for you. However there’s a catch to this, which I’ll explain in just a second.

First just head over and download this: empty_bink_file_template.bik (ad-free). As you might have guessed by the *.bik file extension, that is the catch I was talking about. This only works with games that use the proprietary Bink Video File Format .bik from Rad Game Tools.

Here’s an example how I used it with Skyrim and the logo intro.

In C:\Skyrim\Data\Video there’s the intro .bik file called “BGS_Logo.bik” all I did was rename the original in _BGS_Logo.bik and copied the empty bink file and called it “BGS_Logo.bik”. That’s all it takes. Once done, there will be no intro because the file is empty.

And that pretty much works for any game that use *.bik as an intro. Some games extend you the courtesy to skip the intro via a config setting such as in an *.ini, other games won’t play the intro again after the played it for the first times, yet other persist and give you the finger just because. Well, here’s a finger back to ya!

PS: Oh yea, because y’all are so paranoid, here’s a courtesy.

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Star Trek Online (video collection)

By McAkomx The mighty Don and I are players of Star Trek Online since the beta of the game. We both own a lifetime subscription and we are still active players, as far as someone can say “active”.  Now I could write pages and pages about the game, but instead of words, I like to show some videos we have created in recent years about the game. These videos are not always the most amazing but they’re made by fans like us, for fans like you. And even if you are not a fan of the franchise, you might enjoy them. Have fun watching!


A) The very first video and made without the demorecord feature of the game (at that time we did not know that there is such a thing). The HUD was disabled and the movements of the camera were made with a combination of mouse and xbox controller. The video is entirely inspired by the awesome music from Star Trek II – The Wrath of Khan by James Horner. There is not much action, only a galaxy class spaceship that flies around the earth.

YouTube Preview Image (more…)

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Mass Effect 3 (demo walkthrough)

By McAkomx Yesterday was the official public release of Biowares “Mass Effect 3″ demo via XBL and Origin (later today also on the PSN) and the first impressions are very promising.  At the beginning of the game you have now a choice of three modes for how you want to play the game.

The first is the “Action” mode which focuses on the combat. Moral decisions are already determined and the conversations play as cut-scenes. In addition, the player is using a “prefabricated” Commander Shepard instead of a self-created toon. The combat difficulty is adjustable in this mode. The second is the  “RPG” mode, which is the classic ME experience.  The player makes his own decisions in the conversations and he can create his own character. The combat difficulty is adjustable in this mode. And last but not least the “Story” mode. In this mode, the gameplay focuses on the story. The player can make his own decisions but the combat is very easy. I chose the classic RPG mode, and the game plays like ME2.  Now, one could write a lot about whether this is good or bad but I just say that I had a lot fun.

What I never expected was the emotional explosion that knocked me while I was running through the first level. Not to spoil anything, but there is a particular scene in the demo where I had to cry. Imagine that, a grown man like me starts crying over a video game. But that moment when it happened was just incredible. For this experience, I thank you Bioware!

But enough talk, here’s the video walkthrough for the Mass Effect 3 Demo, just for you, dear readers. Have fun watching!

Part 1 of 3
YouTube Preview Image


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