Web browser benchmarks: Firefox vs. Waterfox vs. Pale Moon vs. Chromium vs. Chrome

I was curious how some browser perform and what kind of web browser benchmarks were available, so I ran Kraken, SunSpider, HTML5, JetStream and Acid3 on Firefox, Waterfox, Pale Moon and Chromium. Here are the results with my rig 2600k @ 4.4Ghz, 16GB RAM, Samsung 840 EVO SSD.

Firefox 44 EME-free 64-bit

Kraken: 907.2ms ± 1.6%
SunSpider: 158.1ms ± 4.7%
HTML5 Test: 461 out of 555 points
JetStream: 177.13 ± 31.144
Acid3: 99/100


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Using Intel’s QuickSync with Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)

So you’ve got an Intel CPU i3, i5, i7 with an integrated GPU HD3000, 4000, 5000, 6000 or whathaveyou? You can use that iGPU to offload your encoding work with OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) be it for recording or streaming purposes. Obviously the newer your CPU the better the QuickSync will be at encoding. As far as I could figure it out. Obviously for this to work, your iGPU needs to be turned on in your BIOS settings.

Why would I want to offload my encoding work to the iGPU? I found an article, bit older, but most of it still applies.

Can’t test it all, ’cause I’m still in the cave with my ol’ rusty Sandy Bridge i7-2600k. I’ve yet to find a reason why I should upgrade. Anyway, with that out of the way, let’s get to the topic at hand.


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Borderless fullscreen with AutoHotkey scripts

I’ve got a few games that don’t have native borderless full-screen support, and I was looking for solutions. Found some, but this is by far, in my opinion, the best solution yet. Simple, easy, elegant.

It’s called AutoHotkey, and it can do so much more than just that. It started out to be just for providing keyboard shortcuts, but in time evolved into a full-fledged scripting language. It can do almost anything. It’s a macro-creation and automation application too. More after the break. (more…)

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Streaming made easy with OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)!

A little while back I began streaming my gameplay sessions because I didn’t always want to record, encode, upload. I’m a lazy bum, I admit. While searching the internet, I found a couple applications that allow streaming to sites like Twitch.tv, Youtube, Justin.tv, etc.

However most of them are not worth mentioning but a single one: Open Broadcaster Software . In my opinion nothing beats OBS. It’s free and it’s open-source. What more do you want?

But not only can this tool broadcast your gameplay sessions to Twitch.tv or Youtube, nay, you can use OBS for recording only mode, like Fraps or Dxtory, but for free. Did I mention this software is free and open-source? Well, it is. And here’s a quick guide how to set it up for streaming with Twitch.tv. More after the break… (more…)

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Enhance your CCleaner with CCEnhancer beyond your wildest imagination!

ccleanericonPretty sure CCleaner is an all-time favorite tool for many of you folks. What perhaps most of you might not know however is that there’s an itty bitty tool that enhances CCleaner even more!

It’s called CCEnhancer. This tool downloads an up-to-date kept list called “winapp2.ini”. In this list there are other applications defined that can be selected in CCleaner’s “Application” tab.

Such as Star Craft 2 logs, Star Trek Online Cache, K-Lite Codec and so many more. It’s too many to list here. As of this moment the ini-file is over 19.000 lines long. So, there’s a lot of software defined.

You can download it here. Or if you don’t want it, you can simply download winapp2.ini here and put it into your CCleaner folder directly! Here‘s the thread for winapp2.ini on the CCleaner forums.

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Must have mods and texturepacks for Skyrim!

About 5 years ago I posted a similar post like this about Fallout 3, after all this time it still seems to be frequently accessed through various links. Well, it’s time for another. However this time I can save you a lengthy post by simply referring you to a neat, awesome site which list pretty much all the “must”-have mods and texture-packs for Skyrim! That site is called Skyrim GEMS! It contains every mod and texturepack I use. But just for you I’ll do a quick bullet list what I absolutely MUST use with each Skyrim play through!

  • SkyUI
  • Unofficial Patches
  • Automatic Variants

And from there I expand it with whatever I like. Mostly it’s extra weapons, extra armors, extra enemies and new lands like Falklaar, Moonpath to Elswyer, Realism mods, Magic system expansion, etc.

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